Making your lifelong Projects a Reality

We integrate our professional staff in the various areas (architecture, structural, electromechanical) to help you shape your project, and get it closer to a reality

Preliminary Stages

This can include preliminary designs, initial cost estimates and economic viability analysis, feasibility analysis (law, site conditions)

Projects Design / Drawings

We take your concept and transform it into workable designs and drawings that can be utilized, including the architectural, structural, and electromechanical designs so that we establish what will be built and how

This service can be complemented with the development of detailed construction budgets, and construction planning and scheduling, to give you a better understanding of the upcoming construction.


Every country has different permit requirements and procedures and it is necessary for you to work with someone who has familiarity with the particular requirements of the country you are dealing with. This would include interfacing with environmental, engineering, and utility departments.

Residential / Commercial Development

We bring your house, apartment complex, or small commercial development to a reality. We have the expertise and construction staff to execute your project according to the best construction practices, paying attention to detail, and always with your budget in mind.

Industrial Development

If you are planning to develop an industrial complex i.e. warehouses, factory type construction, size to land ratio, etc. We provide specialized personnel to assist you throughout the process. For this type of project there will be special issues to be considered, both in the design stages, as well as during the permit process. We ensure a compliant response which satisfies our client’s final needs.

External Consultancy

If you have an ongoing project, but you want a trustworthy and capable external consultant to keep track, supervise, or optimize your current operation, we can help you as well. We provide the services of Value Engineering. Control Systems, Inspection and Quality Assurance (QA). We can adjust the scope of our involvement to meet your specific needs.

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