Emergency Relief Support

Humanitarian Aid

Logistics Worldwide 365 personnel have experience managing Humanitarian efforts in several countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador. We provide a tailor-made solution including the following services:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Food Support
  • Shelter Support
  • Lodging
  • Access to Clean Water
  • Communications
  • Ground Transportation
  • Emergency Relief Support
  • Covid/Pandemic Support

Pandemic Support

COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of the business world. Logistics Worldwide 365 is the distributor of Sanigroup SC products. Sanigroup has over 10 years of experience in the sanitation and cleaning industries; incorporating ozone disinfection booths as a preventive measure against COVID-19.

The biocidal function of ozone is its disinfecting and sterilizing power. It can disinfect small, medium and large environments. In 2003, when the SARS virus developed, ozone was one of the most popular solutions to eradicate the disease. In the health sector, ozone is used to disinfect medical supplies, ambulances, equipment, etc.

All of our Staff is trained and follows the protocols listed in latest international regulations issued by the CDC, WHO and Health Services of each country we operate from.

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