Expeditionary Logistic Support – Provide 24hr x 365 day services for Military Expeditionary Forces

Full expeditionary support services

Our Team of experienced personnel with varying military backgrounds provides operational and technical support for worldwide exercise engagements bringing synergy between U.S. Military, Partner Nations and Host Nation personnel.

    • Advance team support – escort gear through Customs and line haul to the previously-arranged storage locations. Retrograde equipment from mission sites back through Customs and safely back to point of origin via commercial carrier.
    • Retrograde equipment as per mission requirements and maintain computer systems and aforementioned equipment
    • Provide communication via cell phones, mobile hot spots, simultaneous interpretation services, and satellite
    • Ground transportation for personnel

Husbanding – Through our partners we offer Husbanding Support throughout the Americas

  • Fuel
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food Supply Chain management
  • 24/7 Transportation Services
  • Hazardous Material Management

Expeditionary Force Support

  • Lodging
  • Meals Support – Catered, To Go, MRE
  • Transportation ( Air , Land, Sea)
  • Personal background checks and badging for employees and contractors
  • International Communication, Satellite and Mobile
  • Side-Mission Support

One of our latest projects involved supporting the US Navy and USMC on their deployment for UNITAS Brazil, one of the largest exercises in the world, providing lodging for Partner Nations, catered meals at the military base, transportation and full communication support services.

Conference Support

Logistics Worldwide 365 has vast experience providing Event/Conference Support. We provide Military with secure conference room, staffing, mission coordination planning, record keeping, mission activity scheduling, and A/V equipment as needed.

One of our latest projects was UNITAS Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil supporting the largest Naval Conference in the Americas working with the Partner Nations of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico and Colombia amongst many.

  • We provided full service support including Lodging, Transportation, Interpretation Services, A/V Services, Breakout Room, Satellite Internet, International Secure Communications funded under the Department of the Navy contract.
  • We also provided Food Support Services. Breakout Room, Coffee & Tea Stations, Bakery, Appetizers and Meal Plans tailor made for the event and budget.

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